Toddlers (2-3 years)

With our Toddler group we inspire children to spend ample time with nature and foster curiosity and a sense of adventure as our children explore. We nurture a love of books and reading by telling stories, singing songs and reading aloud. Toilet training is a major learning experience that occurs in the Toddlers’ Room. We always recognise the signs of readiness by understanding certain cues. We offer weekly yoga/meditation, which lasts for 5-10 minutes. We have found that yoga helps children learning techniques for self- health, relaxation and inner fulfilment.


We provide a space for our curious Toddlers within an intimate small group size. Their greater ratios improve comfort. Our ratios also provide a cosy place for your child to explore their unique nature. We support childhood learning with a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and supportive of all children during this age of discovery and wonder.


For new children, we encourage 3 settling visits, approximately 2 weeks before your child’s start date to ensure a smooth and settled transition for both you and your child.  Children transitioning from our Nursery Room have regular accompanied visits to get familiar with their new environment and meet their new friends, ensuring this is a positive step in their learning journey. Our Transition Policy is available by asking a member of the team.


Age appropriate, well-balanced meals are prepared by our in-house chef, to encourage children to try new foods with different tastes and textures. Visit our Nutrition page to find out more and see an example menu.


As well as daily face-to-face catch ups about your child’s day at drop off and pick up time, we use Storypark to share photos, videos and audio of your child’s development so you never miss out on those special moments.  Storypark also offer a handy mobile app so can have updates right to your smartphone.

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We're now taking enrolments for 2021.
We're now taking enrolments for 2021.